How World Cup History Works

The FIFA World Cup, also known as the World Cup Soccer, is an inter-confederative international football competition, organized by the members of the FÉd ération Internationale des Football Association, also the world governing body of football. It is the most distinguished international football event, which attracts the attention and interest of millions of fans from all over the world. The term “FIFA” means the FIFA or the Federation of International Football Associations. The word “World” in the title is taken from a game called the “World” in German. The official name of the World Cup Soccer is the World Cup FIFA.


In order to have the FIFA World Cup Soccer tournament every four years, a committee is elected by the member associations. It consists of a president, a confederation commissioner, members of the soccer leagues and other organizers. The committee arranges for the qualification of teams that participate in the tournament. The qualification process for the tournament lasts for four years. There is also a World Cup Finals held every four years, in different countries.

In order to be eligible for the tournament, a country needs to register itself as a member of the FIFA. When there are bids for a given team, the one who has the highest bid gets the invitation. The bidding for the World Cup Qualifying is the basis of an open draw procedure where fans vote for their favorite team. At the end, when the votes are in, a winner is chosen and the title becomes the World Cup.

Each nation represents a single football league with its own qualifying group. The schedules and dates are determined by a draw of a ball bearing the insignia of each nation participating in the World Cup. The format of the World Cup Qualifying can be divided into four parts. First round consists of two groups of ten teams and the second round is played between the best eight teams. The semi finals and the championship all the teams qualify from the first round.

The draw for the World Cup tournament was done based on the rankings of each teams which were published in the previous year. A list of qualified teams was then formed and the lowest ranked team was eliminated from the tournament. Then the process of picking the teams for the next round started. The teams that finished in the first round have a chance to renew their invitation or to bid for the tournament once again. But the teams that qualified through the ranking system will not be able to play for the championship in the next six years.

After the eliminations, the remaining four teams will be joined by the fourth placed teams from the previous World Cups. The teams that joined are: UAE, Japan, Iran and Morocco. The schedules for the tournament are already set and the dates have been published online. This year is the first year that the World Cup will be played outside of Europe and Africa. It is also the first year that there will be four teams that will qualify to the knockouts stage. FIFA is organizing the whole thing in order to increase the popularity of soccer and to stimulate the growth of soccer in other countries and regions of the world.