The FIFA World Cup Ranking System Explained

The FIFA World Cup, also known as the World Cup or the Olympic Games, is an athletic international association football tournament contested by the sixteen member nations of the FÉd Cup, the international soccer governing body. The main competitions are the tournaments with the championship title: the World Cup. Each year, teams from all over the world compete in these tournaments to become eligible to take part in the Olympics. The games take place in different countries but the format remains the same. Teams are selected on the basis of their points, which are calculated according to a number of formulas based on the number of wins and goals.


Each World Cup comprises a series of games which are played in different countries. The format is quite similar to that of the Olympics, with each country hosting one game in a round robin format. The semi-finals and the finals, however, are played in a single tournament, with the winner of each qualifying tournament becoming the host country for the next four years. The format has made the World Cup one of the most popular sporting events in the entire world.

The FIFA World Cup was created in 1900 as a sporting event to unite the nations of Europe against a common enemy – namely, England. The decision was motivated by the desire for a single international competition, with only the European nations able to field their best teams in the event. The World Cup is now a well established fixture which attracts millions of spectators, including the thousands of fans who travel to be part of the occasion. Despite the recent instability in world politics, the popularity of the World Cup has not been affected. Despite the financial crisis that the economic world is facing, the World Cup is still considered to be one of the most prestigious sporting events.

The FIFA World Cup dates back to the FIFA World Cup Committee, which meets every four years to elect new members into the committee. The latest additions to the committee include European Football Superstar teams Spain, Germany, Brazil and Netherlands. It is believed that there are prospective changes to the qualification format and the location of the tournament itself, which could yet see one or more countries qualify directly from a first round double, rather than have the other teams advancing from a second round. Should such a scenario be introduced, it would mark a major shift in the way that the international football is traditionally held.

The location of the World Cup has also been subject to some major changes in the past decade. Whereas in previous years the World Cup was due to be hosted in the European countries of Europe, during the last few years this has become a much debated issue. Many argue that the only reason that the World Cup can only be hosted in Europe are the countries that form the European Union; others argue that an alternative must be found in South America in order to increase the amount of coverage that the international soccer fan base receives. Should such a change be brought about, it is quite likely that the World Cup will move from its current European nations to South America. If this occurs, there is a strong chance that the World Cup will move to either North or South America in the future.

With so many different factors affecting the FIFA World Cup schedule and ranking process, I have compiled a short report detailing all of these major events. From the rankings to the qualification process and the place every four years, I hope that I have provided you with a quick review of what is involved with organizing and hosting such a large and important event. FIFA is the worlds’ most popular and largest sports event, and as such there are several confederations and clubs involved in every step of the way. Due to the popularity of the tournament and the fact that it is hosted each four years, it is not a surprise that there are constant attempts to improve the sport and create new ways for fans to experience it. With so many other major sports games and tournaments being played around the world, it is no wonder that there is a constant desire to grow the popularity of football.