The Game of Football in England – Origins and Modern Day

Association football, also commonly called simply football or soccer, is organized team sports played between two sides of eleven players each. It’s played throughout North America, Europe and South America. It’s one of the most attended and watched sports events in the entire world. It has been playing its games for almost one thousand years. It is the world’s most common sport, second only to baseball.


The game is played at a central field called the goal, which is aligned opposite the offense and defense. Each team tries to score during the allotted time, which is usually two to three minutes per side. The object of the game is for the football or soccer ball to enter the goal before the other team. The game is often referred to as Football, or alternatively soccer. Other names have been used including Golf, but football is considered to be the most common.

Originally the game was only played by men, as women started taking part in the game slowly. This trend seemed to end with the coming of women’s leagues, which made association football open to both genders. The game is played with two teams, each comprised of eleven players.

As for its history, the game of football has been adapted to many different styles. It has had close ties with many different cultures and nations, and is most notably played between countries in the FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations) and the FIFA (Federation of Association Football) tournaments. The tournaments are played internationally and consist of teams from all over the world. Competitions like the Olympics and World Cups are held every four years, but the main event is the World Cup.

A standard football goal is ten yards long and five yards wide. Two teams play in a normal way, with one team playing at a normal goal score, while the other team scores from their own efforts. For instance, if a team scores from their own goal, they become the victors. The winner of the game receives three points, while the losing team receives two points.

Many historic English football associations have kept the original rules and formats of the game, while others have altered them somewhat to suit their needs. Most English clubs play in a regular three-cornered shape, while there are some who prefer to play in a more unique style, such as a diamond or oblong shape. A few clubs have their own unique traditions and these vary from club to club. So it can be seen that the game of Football in England is very different from what we see when we watch it on television.